Poppe van Pelt

Poppe van Pelt, creative partner

Poppe did not get an economics degree from the University of Amsterdam. Terminating his studies
in 1991, he started a media business named BikeBoard. After getting bored with girls riding on bikes towing posters, he started as a copywriter at Campaign Company, Amsterdam. Working on Robeco, Shell, Hij and Pioneer.

In 1995 he formed a team with Diederick Hillenius. Two years later they became creative directors of the newly merged TBWA\Campaign Company.
They were responsible for accounts such as Sire, Mercedes-Benz, Telfort, We Fashion, Nissan, Delta Lloyd, United Nations, Heineken, the Consumer Safety Council, Albert Heijn and Holland Casino.

Together they’ve won 12 Cannes Lions, 18 Eurobest Awards, 8 gold and 17 silver Dutch Art Director Club Awards.
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